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Fundingportal is a B2B and B2G platform that aggregates big data on more than 15,000 distinct sources of funding in Canada, the US, and the UK. It also serves as a technology sandbox for trialing and testing our software before integrating it into our Grants Management System (GMS) for Grant Applicants, Administrators, and Advisors.

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AI and Machine Learning. Fundingportal is a registered vendor of AI solutions to the Government of Canada. Our use of AI to power and improve grants and incentives administration and application processes is unique and ground-breaking. Funders suggest that about 80% of applications are non-compliant. Our smart algorithms, which get smarter through use, play a critical role in prequalifying applicants and reducing time and resources required by funders to complete this often-tedious task. Our AI solutions are now powering SaaS solutions for more than 20 funding agencies and applicant organizations.

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Data Verification Protocols. Keeping track on a daily basis of more than a million data points about more than 15,000 distinct grants and incentives, as well as complementary sources of bank financing, private capital, angels, and foundations, requires advanced data identification and verification protocols. Our data enables companies to make informed decisions and funders to provide accurate analytics and management reports. Our data solutions are sold by the Globe and Mail, power advisory services by the Province of Nova Scotia, and were included in Federal Budget 2018.
Blockchain. Fundingportal GMS interoperates with the National Research Council’s (NRC) Ethereum-based blockchain grants and contributions awards disclosure ledger.


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Interoperability and API. We use APIs and data import/ export wizards to seamlessly synchronize our data with your enterprise systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, QuickBooks, SAP ERP, Salesforce CRM, and OpenText ECM.