SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

We power your internal grants and incentives processes or advisory practice.

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GMS (Grants Management System)

Our GMS offers state-of-the-art data, analytics, and digital tools to help your organization or clients efficiently navigate the three steps to funding. Our SaaS clients include large-scale corporate applicants and global advisory firms.

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Our GMS modernizes your grants management processes, saving you time and improving your financial outcomes. Use our “Programs” tool to instantly match projects to the right funds, our “Applications” tool to work from winning grant templates, and our “Alerts” tool to stay informed on new funds.

Our Tools Streamline Your Three Steps to Funding

1. Find It

Our AI-powered tools help you define your projects, prequalify them for funding, predict funding outcomes, and produce professional reports in minutes. Make informed decisions before applying for funding.

2. Apply for It

Our cutting-edge tools use robotics to reduce the time required to complete winning and compliant applications. Manage your grants team and documents in one place.

3. Leverage It

Leverage initial funding successes into more success. Manage post-award compliance and reporting tasks, receive alerts on new programs, and get the latest funding news.


Countries: Canada, US and UK

Languages: EN and FR

Benefits: Configurable Dashboard and Forms


Large, Repeat Applicants
Accounting and Law Firms
Economic Development Agencies
Engineering Firms


We license our Fundsearch tool for posting on your website, to enable your members or stakeholders to find funding in minutes. We manage the tool remotely, ensuring all funds are updated daily.

We customize the tool to match your website’s branding and design, and host the results on your site or ours.

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Countries: Canada, US and UK
Languages: EN and FR
Format : iFrame or API


Economic Development Agencies
Chambers of Commerce


We make it easy for your angel group or fund to collect key data points on applicants and automatically match them into the right funding streams or investors. We license our Fundmatch tool for posting on your website to capture and analyze applicant data in real time. We customize the tool to match your website’s branding and design for a seamless web experience.

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Languages : EN and FR
Format : iFrame


Angel and Venture Capital Groups
Government Funders
Lenders, Banks
Corporate Funders and Foundations

Our Innovations

AI and Machine Learning

We are a registered vendor of AI solutions to the Government of Canada. Our use of AI to power and improve grants and incentives administration and application processes is unique and ground-breaking. Funders suggest that about 80% of applications are non-compliant. Our smart algorithms play a critical role in prequalifying applicants and reducing time and resources to improve outcomes. Our AI solutions now power SaaS solutions for 15 organizations.

Big Data

We track more than one million data points on 11,000 distinct grant, incentive, bank financing, private capital, angel, and foundation programs, daily. This requires advanced data identification and verification protocols. Our data solutions are sold by the Globe and Mail, power advisory services by the Province of Nova Scotia, and were included in Federal Budget 2018.

Interoperability and APIs

Our APIs and data import/ export wizards seamlessly synchronize our data with your enterprise systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, QuickBooks, SAP ERP, Salesforce CRM, and OpenText ECM.